A man and his donkey.

Ok, so i have really become disturbed about the Peruvian culture. It’s not the first time I have been utterly disturbed by Peruvian cuture but the information that has just come to hand has really made me wonder… And I’m sorry Damien if this is a G-rated website and feel free to delete the contents of my recent post. Ok firstly, It’s a universally known fact (well maybe not univerally known.. but in Australia anyways) that people from New Zealand have a thing for sheep. We just assume because there are more sheep than people there that it might be ahh hard for some to umm to you-know-what.

And when my dear hermanito Cedric told me that he had come across some lads in Ecuador that admitted to having sex with a donkey. I could NOT beleive it. So I took my case to Kike, my beautiful wealth of Peruvian knowledge. The look on his face confirmed everything. It was true, and not just in Ecuador. So it seems, that it is not unheard of to sleep with a donkey, a sheep, a turkey maybe? anything you can get your hands on in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, wherever. Kike told me he had witnessed an event when he was 12 that involved a man and a donkey. ‘It’s normal’ he said. I lared at him.

My friend Anne was undisturbed by the news. Anthony and I were in shock. How? Why? What? When? Where? Why? Why? Why??? And so I ask myself these questions. And I think it has something to do with the men in these countries. And then I thought, it can’t just be these countries. It has to be happening at home. So please guys. Tell me. What’s going on? Just a thought for today. Ange-out.

And no Kike hasn’t, you know, with a donkey ok?

2 thoughts on “A man and his donkey.

  1. Just thought I’d open everyones eyes to what is going on..a real cultural experience if u will..sad but so true..I still can’t believe it myself..

  2. Yeah… about that post.I never thought it was possible to have an awkward silence before writing a comment! All I can say Ange, is thanks for making us all aware the world isn’t quite what it seems most of the time!

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