Live X after Y

Coldplay was spine-tinglingly interesting. It was spectacular, it wasn’t faaannnnntastic, it wasn’t stupendous, it was intimate, touching, thoughtful and inspiring. Kinda odd for a rock concert. It made me think, remember and feel. Funny how different things affect different people… I’ve never been much of one for jumping up and down or carrying on all around, and I’m glad some people appreciate those who express themselves modestly. I wonder if the worlds problems would be solved if nobody paid any attention to all the people who do anything for it.

Beautiful people live beautiful lies,
Simple people live a simple life.
Live lies after life.
Live simple.

2 thoughts on “Live X after Y

  1. Check out my blog for dodgy phone photos of the coldplay concert! (yes… I’m back after vanishing from bloggs for a few months!!)And a huge thanks to Mick who organised the tickets!

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