Vegemite and Caramello Koalas..

I haven’t had a whiff of Vegemite since January. Today, I think I may have burnt some of my nasal hairs it was that goooood. But not that good that I wanted to roll around in it. Close. It was more like the reassuring smell of home. And all I could think about was finding a crusty white bread roll that had NO sugar and topping it with mantequlla (butter) and that perfect layer of Vegemite on top. Wow, the thought blew my mind.

The next thing I thought was giving my Peruvian family and friends a taste and having to explain to them why I like something that’s so fuerte y negro! Que extrano! And then I wondered myself why I liked it. I have no idea. My Canadian friend Shaye seemed to think it was only because i was brought up with it. Maybe. But he said his Mum liked it. She wasn’t Australian. I’m sure he said she was a hippy. Mmmm.. But I’m certain that I will not have to explain why I like Caramello Koalas so much. I think I will just have to hide them from Maria Paula, five years old and very crafty.

It took 17 days for my parcel to reach Peru. A big thanks goes out to my wonderful mother Gail in Geelong. Mi Mamita es el mejor!

4 thoughts on “Vegemite and Caramello Koalas..

  1. Vegemite would be pronounced like Be-he-mi-te or something like that i reckon..soo funny..i gave my peruvian mama a taste and she said ‘Que rico!'(which is a good thing) maybe she was just being always..yeah i will do a day in the life of ange thing just for u damo!!

  2. Love it Ange.How do you say vegemite in Spanish? I’m guessing there would be a “negro” in it somewhere.Maybe thats fuerte y nrgro!Que extrano.My no idea of Spanish interpretation is beautiful,black and yeast extract.Hope your demonstrating your soccerooism thruout Peru.Imagining soccer/football is bigtime over there.

  3. Hi Ange! You know, everybody was telling me about your post, and i hadn’t even read it, and its my Blog! how odd! Good to see you do miss home a little! I was begining to wonder! How is the work going? What exacly do you do day to day? i.e., whats a day in the life of Ange? Please make it a post, not a comment! The new flat is very cool and me and Heath are considering buying a pool table, now that would be cool! I haven’t read a trading post for so long – sure beats the AFR!

  4. Hi Ange,I know exactly how you felt about the vegemite -an inexplicable craving that comes on you when ( if your lucky to get it!) smell hot toast or fresh bread. even though i’m a huge sweet tooth there is nothing like a fresh crust or roll with lashings of vegemite squashed between layers of real butter – yum! where would be without mums – such wonderful understanding creatures!

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