George W Bush. Who voted for him anyway?

Some classic examples where a picture says a thousand words (or two: Plain stupid) about the US president. Thanks to Alan for forwarding them over.

I wouldn’t be such a Bush basher if he had done ANYTHING good for the U.S., or the world! Arogant people are one thing, stupid arogant people who are failures are another. But then, someone had to vote for him even if a majority of Florida didn’t. The world just makes you want to throw your hands in the air, look at the sky and ask out loud, is this really immaculate conception? Is this what you call perfectly designed?

8 thoughts on “George W Bush. Who voted for him anyway?

  1. Okay, I don’t know anythin’ bout politics or religion really but I’m goin back to the second and third comments on this post.I agree with you Mick that the institution that is the church is all about making money and gaining power. It seems like I was waving the christian flag in my post but actually I was just kinda paraphrasing what I thought the religious argument was. Actually I think it’s B.S that we should strive to better ourselves in the eyes of some omniscient being. We should revel in our imperfections and not worry about what other people think, let alone what some non-existent loafer thinks.That said, we should still be nice to each other.

  2. I agree completely with you about the unemployed. There are heaps of jobs but it’s just too damn easy for lazy bastards to sit around gettin handouts. Not only that but they give the genuine job seekers a bad name & take up the resources that could be better used to help those who actually want a job. Compulsory enlistment would sure sort them out pretty quick.I’d just like to point out that I didn’t actually say it would be better to have labour in government. The lib’s could well be the lesser of two evils. I just believe that maybe they have lots touch with why they are the leading party – because the people voted for them. So they should damn well be lookin after the people. The majority of which are middle to low income earners who need their jobs.

  3. Sorry but I cannot agree with that.What has Labour done for this country when it was in Government?. Shit all. They put us in $150 billion worth of debt in their years in government and we wern’t even known around the world.Howard may have made some wrong decisions but facts are facts:* He has made us very strong economically.* He has put in place anti-gun laws* He has made this country known around the world for one reason or another.* We were the first country to put our hands up and assist after the tsunami because Howard wanted it that way. If you remember right…Fat boy Beazley didn’t want anything to do with it.You only have to look at the terrible state our state governments are in at the moment to show how much our Country would be screwed if Kim Beazley and labour are elected to run the country. They have no economic policy and their only policy is to help dole bludgers get more money instead of enticing them to work part time.The new superannuation legislation will provide incentives for workers to save for their retirement instead of spounging off the government all the time. While i’m all for giving money to the needy, I don’t see the point in providing money to bludgers who just don’t feel like getting a job. There are millions of part time jobs out there. This money should be used to train the unemployed in whatever field they so choose. Free Tafe courses to get them skills. This should be mandatory, if you choose not to do this, then its automatic enlisting in the army. Its harsh, but at least it will send a message that while our country supports those in need, we wont tolerate those who try to exploit the system.That was a bit sidetracked, but back to the point…fact is do you want a country run properly and a government run with authority, or a half arsed government who does nothing for the country and puts us in deficit. The reason the Liberals get elected, is because noone trusts labour. If they control means they control all state governments and Federal. That is not a healthy position to be in.*end rant*

  4. I don’t know whether Bush is an idiot or not but I do know that in Gov’t regardless of who it seems is the one making all the decisions there is sure to be numerous commitees and advisors that actually provided the man with the information and advice in order for him to publically make the so called ‘decisions’ that he has. So really it’s not entirely his fault. In fact considering that in American you pretty much rely on other people to provide you with the monetary support to win an election it is highly likely that the actions he has taken have been directly influenced by someone else either for political or monetary reason. Apart from all that it’s not like we can talk. Have a look a little closer to home – we’ve got a little weazel for a Prime Minister who has no respect what so ever for working class australians yet we keep on re-electing him.

  5. Milly will be going with Merrick to a new place where she will have to sleep outside… but she will be taken care of. The top pic, the pope has his head in his hands… hint hint. The point I was making with immaculate conception and and perfect design was not about Bush, but was about the philosophical argument for Gods existence.The argument from design uses a metaphor to describe how perfectly the universe has been designed. Firstly it argues from metaphor that a watch can exhibit characteristics of design and the world exhibits those same characteristics. It then claimes that the increasing levels of complexity require a increasing degrees of knowledge and skill to design. Since nobody else has the skill to design teh universe, it must have been designed by someone all knowing and all powerful – God. Mick – your absolutely right.

  6. The point of all religion is to make money.The Catholic church are the biggest real estate agents in the world.The could solve the world’s homelessness problem in a day if they wanted to. Instead they sit in there castles and drink wine instead of actually getting off their arses and helping people like religion is supposed to be used for.What religion has the right to tell me i’m not good enough in God’s eyes. He made me who I am, he should see this is what he created. He created a wanker like George Bush…unless that was the Devil trying to be funny…Back on topic….I like Bush…I like any Foliage around the punani area quoting Ali G! hahaha. But yeah, Bush is an idiot…there was a study done which suggested that half the states which had the highest IQ’s voted for Kerry, all the states with Low IQ’s voted for Bush. Tell’s you something really. The dumb people vote, and they vote often and often for the wrong retard.

  7. I don’t get the top pic.But on another note… wasn’t Jesus the immaculate conception? I don’t think that refers to humans in general. And I’m pretty sure most religions depict God (or any higher being) as perfect, not humans. That’s the point. We’re not perfect and we have to strive to be more perfect in God’s eyes. I think the point of most religions, or at least christianity is that we need to recognise our flaws and try to eliminate them. Just a thought.

  8. I dont even wanna comment on Bush, makes me too mad. Me and my mother (the greatest woman I know) are wondering whats gonna happen to Milly when everbody leave the clan???Im talking to a really reallly drunk Reid on msn right now.he got thrown out twice tonight. Gosh! what a freaking idiot:DTake care!

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