Something to think about?

I think the blog is becoming a little to much I this, I that… And besides, Nick has been complaining he isn’t getting enough stimulating conversation these days. Apparently thats why he’s heading to Europe where we know all they do is play soccer, eat good food, drink expensive grog and have kinky sex. I guess he is banking on the pillow talk stimulating something!

Have you ever considered what makes you change your mind? Are there patterns to it? Does the same thing make you change your mind all the time? I’m not talking black cats and ladders, but what about price, quality, appearance, how much you had had to drink, mood, presentation, the list goes on and on, but I wonder what is the most predominant. Lets call these things ‘Alpha Characteristics’.

It depends. It depends on a lot of things like; what your buying, how much you need it, how much time you have, Whether its a luxury or necessity, if its high value or low value, and on and on. Lets call these things ‘Beta Characteristics’.

There are millions of factors of many different things that our mind takes into account before we even realize. Namely Alpha Characteristics and Beta Characteristics. These characteristics are conditional upon each other and they grow together – the more Alpha charachterisitics, the more Beta Characteristics.

Where am I going with this? I don’t know. But, does everyone appreciate this would not be a linear equation? Its exponential (I think), as the independent variables (Alpha & Beta Char.) get bigger, the dependent variable (Total) increases by an increasing rate.

Sooooo, if your making a decision anytime soon, just give up trying to analyse all those factors and accept the idea that your brain has already done it for you. But because you never listen to it (your brain) anyway, it has to tell your gut, to tell your brain, that your gut feel is Cola flavoured toothpaste is wrong, even if you do get a free stomach pump with it.

3 thoughts on “Something to think about?

  1. Oh goody I’m heading to Europe soon and if that what I have to look forward to well…bring it on!How do you know you actually even changed your mind? Maybe the decision hadn’t been fully made and fully committed so the Alpha and Beta characteristics are just additional info for making the true choice. Apart from that from what i can determine from a rather simplistic view that has been explained in way to complex a matter all you are really saying is that there are a lot of things that impact on our choices and that means our original choice as well as any changes we make.

  2. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhht?I’m confused by this article.Call my a layman but I think I need the Dummy’s Guide to Damian’s English, or Damian’s Brain… whichever edition is published first.

  3. Apologies to Nick & all the Europeans I just grossly stereotyped, it was done in the name of increasing my web stats by putting food, alcohol, soccer and sex in the same sentence.

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