World Cup, Canada & Europe

Well, I’m sitting an exam right now. A take-home exam. So of course I decided today would be a good day to sort through all my old emails and find some people from the apst to email. Following on from the whole flashback thing.

Anyway, I emailed a whole bunch of people from Canada to say hi and see if they where still alive, plus a group email to everyone I had the email address of from my trip around the wolrd! (So if i met you on that trip and you didn’t get an email, please post a comment!).

Stayed up to watch the Soccer Roos play Japan last night. It was an ok game, but if Australia plays liek that against Brazil i’m sure they’ll get a whooped. Why? Because every time the ball was rebounded from the Japanese defence, they practically had an oportunity to score. Albeit, it didn’t rebound beyond halfway a lot of the time.

Australia played hard tough Soccer, surprise surprise! But it just looked a little too crowded up the front and a little vulnerable at the back to a punter like me! Please correct me otehrwise.

While we ar eon the subject of Soccer, watching the game alst night reminded me why I hate watching soccer. Players taking dives ruins the sport. Soccer players should take a look at their global image. They are the biggest bunch of overpaid pansies I’ve ever seen.

I can understand what they are worried about though, their feet and legs, they are each worth a couple of Million a year. FIFA should seriosuly consider how much better the game would be without the dives and theatrics. It ruins the sport and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I guess what it comes down to is honesty. Soccer is a sport, a game. Sports and games are supposed to be about fun. Good, clean honest fun. If you need to take dives to have fun, then go play gymnastics. If you need to beat people up to have fun, then go be a boxer. It goes both ways, but if the old fashioned values of honesty and sportsmanship hadn’t been thrown out the window with the sponsorship deals and multimillion dollar desperate footballers housewifes, I bet you’d see more football and less referee. That applies to life as well!

4 thoughts on “World Cup, Canada & Europe

  1. Damo I dont believe that I got a special group email..U did meet me overseas..even if it were like 6 years ago..and wtf?Bryan is home already?Que paso??what happened?

  2. We’re gonna kick Brazil’s arse’s!Little predomina diving poofs wont know what hit em when the Aussie train comes to down and shows them what PAIN! is all about.In all seriousness i want a draw aahhahaha.

  3. Yeah win was good, i think i will leave brazil before the weekend just in case. Otherwise my portugese had better be perfect.Bryan

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