Clan time is over.

I’m moving out of the Clan.

Its been nearly 3 years since I moved in. I know some of my friends look down on that place, but to be short – they are not all qualified to judge since they still live at home. Lets not go thee though, cause thats another issue. Slack bludgers who live at home till they turn 30. Disgusting.

The Clan for a long time was a great place to come home too, and it still is. Way to much port and chocolate these days for a 22.75 yr old! Maybe there is something in the port that has been creating all these flashbacks… some kind of “back when I was a youngester” drug.

Unfortunately after me and Heath announced we were moving out, the whole house suddenly wanted to move out! I can understand it though, Heath and I are the major drawcards after all! HAHA.

The new place is Artarmon, I’m going to share with Heath and we have a pool! Wicked! The major problem is we have nothing! A few pots and pans etc, but no fridge and no washing machine! So if your turfing working white goods (in Sydney) let me know!

4 thoughts on “Clan time is over.

  1. Hi Bryan… your car is safe and sound, in the Sydney Police compound. I got pinged driving back from the airport for drink driving when I dropped you off… Not.It will be cool – we have underground parking at the new place. Hi Alex! Time does fly, even when your not having fun! Can’t believe how much time it takes to read an accounting article. I still have a roll of film and a memory stick full of photos i haven’t seen since my camera went bust! Hope uni and bathurst have been treating you well.

  2. HI Damian, Great to hear you are well! yep i have been very slack with my blog, havent updated since i got back to Aus (about 5 months ago!!) can’t believe how quickly time flies, that whole canadian thing seems like a lifetime ago. though i havent forgotten about everyone, in fact only last week i went through my 6 CD’s worth of photos and chose some of the good ones (and ones i could safely show my parents) and printed them and put them into albums, so i was full of flashbacks and memories of great times. take care and keep in touch, shoot me an email some time (i do check them occasionally)Cheers Alex

  3. Hey damien when u leaving the house, will my car be alright?Godamit everything is in spanish, even this toolbar for the message, i dont understand a f*$%ing thingBryan

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