Flashback to the glory days!

Its not a Candian flashback this time though!

I was going for my usual stroll down to Darling Harbour on Monday evening about 6pm for a break between auditing and study. I had my big ski jacket on cause it was a horrrible wet and windy day and I was eating a pie! Haha, details!

No mum, thats not dinner – its arvo tea.

Anyway, I got to Jumbalong park and began to walk on the steps around the edge of it. I was soon daydreaming how the steps were like running lanes on an oval. That took me back to summer athletics carnival at highschool and how much fun it used to be! I would generally run the 400, 800, and 1500m. On this particular year I had tried running the 200m as well and it was hilarious to see that no matter how hard I tried to run I couldn’t keep up with Roy Diarco!

Dave and me always had a bit of friendly rivalry going when it came to the 1500m. I even like to think he quit smoking so he could beat me! Haha. As I was walking along the steps I was struggling to keep balance, to keep in my lane so to speak. That reminded me of that particular year when he did beat me. He had led about 4 meters in front for the whole race and I made my move on the last corner with about 200m to go. With 100m to go I was sitting just behind off his right shoulder trying to overtake on the outside and we were both going flat chat. We may have been the only two in the race! As we approached the finish line along the home straight we pushed wider and wider and harder and harder but I couldn’t budge him. We raced that last 100 meters locked in that position and only just passed inside the marshals table at the finish line. It was the best race I’ve ever been in, thanks Dave.

I don’t know who it was, but one of the teachers suggested at the time it was like a replay of the Simon and Ashley 800m race that set the school record a couple of years prior. I think Demelza has easily the most school records out of any of us? How many Demelza, I know you can remember!

Ah the days when we were free to run and play!

7 thoughts on “Flashback to the glory days!

  1. To be honest I can’t really remember..it’s funny but I always remember the bad stuff better than the good stuff. Depressing i know. For instance i don’t remember how many records I broke but I do remember that in Yr 12 Carol M-something (red head with good legs) beat me by one point for the Girls Athletic Champion. I was aiming for the trifecta cause I won it the two yrs prior. I used to get so pissed off at the school sports cause hardly any of the girls ever competed and if they did it was a half arsed effort and generally more to do with watching some guy or lookin good in short shorts. At least you guys had some good competition. I remember one year in the 800m I lapped the next competitor behind me and then at the interstates in shep i won by about 300m, what’s the fun in that.The more you are challenged the greater you peform. Not just in sport either in everything. I reckon that’s partly why Mum & Dad do so well – they are a real challenge to each other:)

  2. Its the battles that make the high’s high and not just average. Its the dark room that makes the light bright and not just light. Everything that goes up, must come down.

  3. typical – why is it that i have to let him sift thru what i want to chuck out but dont get the same courtesy?however damian if you are feeling nostalgic – there are still 3 crates of trophies looking for a good shelf!!

  4. Damian, I really liked this post. It’s extremely difficult for me to relate to myself in High School, or Primary School or any other stage in my past in fact. I often think about whether other ppl have the same problem. It was nice to read this little flashback to your youth (cause now you’re such an old codger!) and see that there is still some connection there. I love when little things like that trigger memories, it’s nice to sometimes look back, especially if you are remembering a friend or a moment that is “one of a kind” and that will probably never be had again. I think those moments make life important.Hang onto them, but don’t cling onto them.Dad – nice to see your sentimental side for once. Do you mean that you threw the records out, or you hung onto them?I think plural for nemesis is spelt the same but pronounced “nemesi”.

  5. I had those High School records in my file up until last year when we shifted. When I was going thru the file chuckin stuff I looked at them, found some Fuller names and thought,will I? I did.Funny how you remember hard fought battles.How your nemesis [is there a plural for that] become part of your cherished memories.Think of “old” mates and when you wake up next morning think “isn’t it great to be alive”

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