Random Canadian Flashback # 2

Was walking to uni from work (Where everyone is sick) in the rain tonight. I was wearing shorts and did not feel the least bit cold. Reminded me I’m actually a Victorian, and I don’t feel the cold in my legs.

But the Candian flashback came when I was going down a flight of stairs at uni. They where exactly the same as the stairs that led down from College West. Marble, with big wooden banisters, about the same width and gradient. But even more alarming, at the base of the stairs there was a window, and there was a gap between the window and the stairs – just like at College West, where I always tried to drop things on Reid!

I know some people from Regina checkthis blog out – I can see you on my stats – and others! (Yes I Can tell what city your ISP is from, and really – why else would I have recurring visitors from Zurich and Sweden?) Anyway – back to the point – who remembers setting sparklers in a poor army guy, giving him a parachute and tossing him from the top of college west?

Still doesn’t beat the chicken in the oven for a week trick though.

5 thoughts on “Random Canadian Flashback # 2

  1. Yes reid it makes sense to me, and thats all that matters! Haha. God. Good times. Remember the endless hours of Risk – especially when I had my wisdom teeth out? or the woodgee board? (or whatever it is!) and the writing on your whiteboard? Haha… even better yet the games of Dodge Pong and you hiding my mattress! HAHAH. Thanks mate.

  2. hey i just remebered when we were eating pa thai and mike was like what are you eating and we were like pa thai and he was like i know but what are u eating and then we laughed and laughed and he still didn’t get it and yeah…. not sure if this makes sense but if it does you will enjoy it

  3. I’m intrigued… did you guys eat the chicken after it had been in the oven for a week? Cause that would even beat the overnight maggot-ridden lasagne trick! Which was pretty neat. Mmm… memories! Bleh!

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