Random Canadian Flashback #1

Had a delicious meal of spaghetti and creamy pumpkin sauce last night. When it came time to test if the spag was al donte I had a flash back to Canada. I was told the best way to test if spaghetti was cooked, was to throw it against the fridge. If it sticks, its cooked. How can you not trust the beautiful daughter of a chef? Anyway, its true. Try it some time.

Random being the key word. Ahhhh, Good times. End of story

9 thoughts on “Random Canadian Flashback #1

  1. Its a sign of a true legend when the only two mistakes he makes are repeated over and over, embellished each time until not even the most important details are correct.

  2. whilst talking of flashbacks – heres a recent sydney one – would be could be chef decided to alter his mamas tried and true fish head soup by adding dash of grapefruit ( grapefruit, i ask you!) ooh make that 2 flashbacks – this same chef ( who was obviously blinded by the beautiful blonde daughter of a swiss chef) informed his visitors he had bought artichokes for their dinner ( ooh yummy yummy – it obviously pays to pay your way when visiting destitute students!)but visions of succulent leaves and sweet hearts were shattered when we discovered these could be delights to be in fact a rather distant relation called a CHOKO!!Best stick to what you know best – curried snags!

  3. i had a random flashback the other day too i stuck a chickenin the oven for week and forgot about it. awww good times

  4. Ah yes, I knew to do that with spaghetti. Strangely enough, I had spaghetti last night too. made my own marinara sauce!

  5. Hmm… I shall have to try that next time I cook spag! I was told that it’s ‘al dente’ when you bite into it a little and it springs back a bit. If it springs back too much it’s not cooked, if it doesn’t spring back it’s overcooked. However, your method of testing seems so much more interesting and fun! Look out Tex! (Our fridge is called Tex) 🙂

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