Life as we know it

Its been a very interesting 2 weeks and I’m sure it’ll be one of those periods in a persons life that changes who they are.

I wonder how people go about becoming who they are sometimes. I admit i have a habbit of being a bit pushy on the whole ambition front, and at times hypocrytical. I guess everybody has stages of high motivation and low motivation, times when they want to be a world changer and times when they would rather just live in a shack on the beach and go surfing everyday.

I have a little system that helps me keep changing and I hope improving who I am and providing me with challenges and incentives. Every now and again, when I’m day dreaming and looking at my wrold map (best present ever!), I’ll write my daydream down on a scrap of paper and put it in an envelope. On the envelope I write a suitable title depending what the daydream was, for example; “Open this on completion of university” or “Read me when your sick of Sydney” and even “Thinking of having kids? Read me first!”. Hehe.

In the last two weeks, I haven’t written any new ideas down, but I got the feeling it might be time to open a new envelope, find a new direction. I’m still waiting for some pieces to fall into place in what could be described as an autobiographical infinity piece puzzle, but at least i think I’ve got the edges!

Moral of the story; I’m going to be out and about a bit more! So give me a call and I’ll make more of an effort to catch up with you. I’ve been dissapointed by the disspersion of my friends, but I intend to make amends.

Hope you have all had a good weekend!

10 thoughts on “Life as we know it

  1. and jump aride with? Samir, I know the germans put their nouns before their adjectives, but really? No its all good mate. I haven’t ruled out a visit to Zurich in December but I have pressure from the family side to be home for Christmas this year, so we will see.

  2. note to Damian..Put this in envelope:“buy plain ticket to Switzerland A.S.A.P and go live the good life with Samir there…hint-Nick is coming in July, jump aride with.”Mate, keep your head up big guy, the pieces will find their way into the puzzle of Damian Fuller’s life.

  3. I’ll make the pieces fit, but you can’t make them fit until you have them… If I have to wait to long though i might have to start adjusting the pieces so they fit where i want them… I guess if you always got to choose the next piece of the tetris puzzle, the game wouldn’t be much fun. The same goes for life I guess.Good talking to you on msn Alvin! Enjoy those holidays when they come around.

  4. Isn’t everybody waiting for the pieces to fall into place? I didn’t think you’d ever be a waiter, you always seem to portray yourself as the kind who would make the pieces fit.So… what did your new envelope say? Or where is it leading you? I don’t think anything that romantic would work for me. I’d be searching around in the envelopes until I found the one I wanted to get! Hee hee.Hope you’re feelin better than last week. If you’re lookin to get out and about, how bout down our way? 🙂Cheers

  5. Well, I guess i meant all the edges, not just two sides. By definition a puzzle of infinite size can never be finished, the sides will never meet… or they wouldn’t be infinite.Thanks john.

  6. Sure you can. This hypothectical puzzle would start at a point (say the bottom left corner) and extend an infinite number of pieces to the right and an infinite number of pieces up. So your edges are simply the beginnings of those.That wasn’t the point, though, was it?

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