Patent pending

I was struct by a molecule of enlightenment whilst procrastinating from doing my presentation paper tonight… It may be best understood in the following MSN conversation: (Cause I can’t be bothered writting it out again!)

I’ll arrive at reality one day says:
I like learning… but i wish it wasn’t so hard!
I’ll arrive at reality one day says:
I just had an awesome idea that would make loads and loads of money if it was possible! Our brain is essentially just a storage device right?
Magda- i Finpan says:
I’ll arrive at reality one day says:
we have the ability to recall information, theories and memories instantly, if we remember them… From whatever we remembe, we add other bits of information we have in our head… and voila, you have a new idea or the solution to a novel problem…
Magda- i Finpan says:
right, so?
I’ll arrive at reality one day. says:
We go through a very long learning process to get all that stuff inside our head right… so we can recall it instantly… when we need it…. wherever we need it….
Magda- i Finpan says:
I’ll arrive at reality one day. says:
So… really the world wide web, is like a massive brain, except it can’t recall things instantly, and it doesn’t sort our ideas for us… its an inefficient brain if you will. What we need… is a portable storage device… which has all the information on the web contained within it…. and we need to be able to connect it to our brain so that whenever we need a piece of information, our brain can sort through everything on the web, and provide us instantly with what we need. The best part is: Once you have got that piece of information, its in your brain -not on the web, kinda like a really big internet history! hehe. Of course this web-brain storage device would have to be wireless so you can update your brain with all the new ideas other people are coming up with.
Magda- i Finpan says:
aha! but how r u gonna do that?
I’ll arrive at reality one day. says:
Well, teh brain is just a whole bunch of electronic nodes right? We just need to overlay the brain with a fine mesh which can transmit electronic pulses…
Magda- i Finpan says:
If we’re gonna keep everything that comes in wouldnt that result in big giant heads since the brain grows to fit information?
I’ll arrive at reality one day says: Hmm… but don’t we not use like 80% of our brain? No – only store stuff you have used…. or maybe it could be two way – your brain is temporary storage, and if you use one piece of information more then say, 5 times – it gets stored! As I see it the problem is not connectivity, its compatability. How do we make the data on the web compatible with our brain…
Magda- i Finpan says: Hehe but listen, if it gets stored after seeing it 5 times, that would be a study technique, and it would store unnecessary things like, mr larsson lives next to me, and there is 1987 trees on my way to uni etc

PART 2 coming to a mentally unstable person near you soon!

5 thoughts on “Patent pending

  1. Actually Rhian, thats the point. People are sick of information overload (BRW MAy 2006) which is why marketing is evolving. The grand plan of the marketing gurus is to make advertising personal. The best example of this is the web, where they keep cookies on what you search for, and build a profile of what yur interested in. The origin of this problem lies with spam. I don’t get why anybody clicks on the damn stuff!Anyway – people recognise the waste (in a selfish way) and they want info which is specific to them… hence the greater efficiency of searching. Efficiency leads to less waste. Waste is associated with greed, so Greater efficiency is associated with less greediness.

  2. I don’t know… I think the problem is: the more accessible and ‘efficient’ everything becomes, the greedier we get. We want everything and we want it to be easier to get. We are even willing to over stretch our natural limitations to get it. It just seems wrong. Half the time people don’t even deal with/ use what they do have. We over-consume everything – material and immaterial. We are very greedy, excessive and wasteful beings.Can’t we just be content with what we have and use it to the best of our ability?

  3. your reinventing the wheel – all you have to do is invent a search engine that works like the brain then develop really good search technique and voila you can pick the webs brain like people have been picking each others brains for centuries!

  4. The problem is not the quantity of information available, its the process involed in sorting it.The more efficient the sorting process, the faster and more accurately you can find the info you need… regardless of the quantity available.

  5. My brain has enuf trouble trying to comprehend your posts let alone connecting to the web! Isn’t there too much info out there already? No wonder I forget so many bloody things!

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