Patent pending part pwo:

Following on from the previous conversation, I received a lesson on the brain:

I’ll arrive at reality one day. says:
Do you know how the brain records stuff?
Magda- i Finpan says:
well, we put everything we see in categories and store them first in our short-term memory, or working memory as the researcher like to call it now. Some things can end up in several categories, that leads to spreading activation. If u think of cat u think of either something in the same category like cat food or the opposite category like dog
I’ll arrive at reality one day. says:
Magda- i Finpan says: If you stored something after seeing it 5 times, that would be a study technique, and it would store unnecessary things like, mr larsson lives next to me, and there is 1987 trees on my way to uni etc. Plus, if u “force” the brain to store things after u’ve seen it 5 times, your long-term memory wolud be full so fast
I’ll arrive at reality one day. says:
mmm, not much long term memory hey… I’m not so sure we would remember useless stuff if our brain had a capacity problem… because we seem to have a great nack of discarding useless stuff over time and remembering important things… and its all relative. My brother never knows where his matching socks are, but he could fill you in on the philosophies of Hercules or theories of Einstein no problems.
I’ll arrive at reality one day. says:
Well, I guess if the process is efficient enough, you wouldn’t need to store anything in your brain… you sure would be screwed if you lost your portable web-brain though! Hehe

2 thoughts on “Patent pending part pwo:

  1. I don’t think Simon forgets where his matching socks are – I don’t think he even <>has<> any matching socks. Even if he did he’d just put on the first two he pulled off the floor (or out of the drawer – if he has a drawer).I’m quite ashamed of my memory actually. I’ll often forget things that other ppl find very important. It doesn’t look good. Sometimes, in the deli, a customer will ask for six slices of ham. I turn around to prepare everything and 30 seconds later I’m like “I’m sorry, how many slices was that again?” It’s ridiculous.My long term memory is even shakier!

  2. Warning: Gross generalisations!What I mean when i say relative is that really intelligent people (read genius) are often pretty screwed up. They forget the simplest details (like remembering to wear pants) and yet can create some of the most amazing things!

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