Policy Choice: its what you want it to be.

Sorry to all those who have seen this at noodlum or the old blithe blithering (its too memrable John) but since my full name came up with the same as nick: master of story telling, and my first name was: smelling of turnips at all times, I thought i’d proxy name choice for possible accounting policy choice to provide you all with an analogous idea of what earnings figures can look like:

Nomad Odyssey —

[adjective]: Visually addictive

‘How will you be defined in the dictionary?’

6 thoughts on “Policy Choice: its what you want it to be.

  1. In my defence, the order I used is clearly <>disclosed<> on the post… Storyteller (hehe this just gets more and more interesting), Smelling like turnips and then Visually addictive…

  2. You know, if you’re not happy with your first result, you can just keep on trying…I get the feeling that’s what Damo did. $5 says his first result was “Smelling like turnips at all times”.

  3. Well, you are invisible to me, most of the time, unfortuantely. Not in August though hopefully? When your actually around though… your pretty visible! Thankgod!

  4. Magdalena -A person who has the ability to be invisible Didnt even think my name wolud be in that dictionary, and I dindt expect that definition…Do u think thats a good definiton on me? haha!

  5. And that my friends, is what happens when you mcuk around with html, thinking that the preview is WYSIWYG. But, its kind of ironic and looks mildly like its deliberate, so its staying that way.

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