Honours room quotes

Just a few tidbits from the Honours Room on making your life efficient:

“If you can’t say it in 160 characters or less, its not worth saying.” R. Wight BBV, BBus (2006).

“If you can’t get out of bed in the morning, your life is obviously less exciting than sleeping.” Annon. BBS (2006).

8 thoughts on “Honours room quotes

  1. i second u rhian..IF i was an accountant i wouldnt wanna get out of bed either..hahahaI love to sleep..want to get as much as i can before i have children..hahaha if that ever happens..sleep is precious

  2. Or how much you cheat! I cheated! Which I think is just… clever! Since the concept of exciting would differ for everybody I’d say no. But even if the concept were the same for everybody I’d still say no. I wouldn’t say my life is all that ‘exciting’, as such (although the Easter weekend certainly upped the ante). But it has meaning.Just my thoughts anyway.

  3. It doesn’t take into account how long it takes you to do the test…Now there’s a question, does your life even have to be exciting to have meaning?

  4. Pah! You got an IQ of 133 and you couldn’t figure out what I was sayin?? Patetic!Besides – I get out of bed! Hmph! 😦 I was VERY offended by that comment, as my life has <>loads<> of meaning. Not that I need to prove myself to YOU!I have important things to do of a day… like sell people ham and order stuff, and email my loved ones and feed my loved ones and watch DVD’s!See… there’s meaning… and it’s funner than sleepin’ – most days!Now if I was an accountant… sheesh! I’d never wanna get out of bed. 😀

  5. Ahhh. Rhian, I don’t get it. Are you alluding to the fact that you never get out of bed? Or that you don’t have a bed? Or something completely random?

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