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I dare not look at the statistics for this site, as I’m sure nobody checks it anymore, which is great cause I can write whatever I want and it wont matter!

I had a chat with Nick a while ago, and we commented how good it would be to have an online calendar which informed people of what we are doing all the time, and it would be great to know what your friends are doing as well. This would of course make catching up with everyone so much easier. However you would have to be very carefulbecause you could never hide behind the old – sorry its my mums b’day – because everybody would know your fibbing!

So the point is, if I haven’t been in touch recently, its because this is what my life is like at the moment:

Assuming a full day comprises 0800 – 2400 There are 16 Hours a day.
Subtract 6 Hrs a day for everyday chores. (2 Hrs a day Travel. 3 Hrs a day for food preperation and consumption. 1 Hr a day for when you forget your keys, etc.)
Assume a 5 day working week (10 x 5) = 50 Hours a working week.

Work: 20 Hrs a week.
Contact hours at uni: Estimate 12 Hrs a week.
Recommended study time: 28Hrs (9 articles * 4 hours ea)
Total: 60 Hrs.

There goes 10 hours of the weekend before I even get started! Can I really do 16 hour days for a whole year? Simon?

Can I manage to fit some tutoring into this schedule? I’d love to… but it seems crazy. But then, as Brett (Masters student doing some revision with us lowly honours students) rightly points out… he is lecturing at UWS, running an accounting practice and looking after two kids (in conjunction with his wife). Surely I can fit it in right?

ok, I’ll stop bitching now, but just letting everybody know what I’m doing these days and to inform you of why I might get pissed of if you don’t return my phone calls or messages etc etc… oh and yes mum, this is why I hardly call home as well!

7 thoughts on “My life

  1. Damo..u poor sod..dont envy you one for the calender thing..that would suck..can see how it would work..but cmon u gotta have better things to do with ur time than informing ppl of what ur doing and when…greetings from Peru..

  2. Bumpin’ up those stats!You know how ignorant I am! I don’t pay attention to anythin’.Otherwise there’s just too much information to retain. My brain can’t do it – it don’t have the power.[Open shameless plug] On a more interesting note… if you want a philosophical discussion about the meaning of life… head on over to [Close shameless plug]

  3. thank god i didnt waste my money getting you all educated at an elite school. i assume that blog statistics only collate the number of hits to the site – not the quality of the comments or peoples ability to comprehend what has been written.for the benefit of the undereducated geriatric sports include games like LAWN BOWLS, TIME & MOTION studies are when you work out how long it takes you to get through the shit you are trying to get through and MODERN GURU isd the psuedynom for DOROTHY DIX who now writes a column in the AGE W’ENDER answering your queries on MODERN ETIQUETTE.and whats wrong with family tete-a-tetes – at least they boost the statistics!

  4. Oi! Mama Cat… now I know where your pussy son gets it from! I can’t understand what the frell you’re talkin’ ’bout half the time, either. Or do I need to be injected with an extra spesh translater microbe for you two?At the risk of turnin’ this into a family tete-a-tete, who the hesmana is Modern Guru? And what are geriatric sports?

  5. no point in taking stats if you dont bother checking out your own blog to see if people have responded.i must write to Modern Guru for an update on blogger/bloggee etiquette

  6. Aw… diddums! Let me just go find my violin…How much time exactly did you waste, in your busy schedule, to figure all this out and then bitch and moan about it?Poor widdle Damian. Your time is so precious that we cherish every moment we get to spend with you. Blessed are we who are given the honour of sharing your ‘spare’ seconds. Bla, bla… now I’m just wasting <>my<> time.PS – there’s a stats page on blogger?? Where??

  7. do you do time & motion studies in this elite honours course – it would be nice to compare the time taken to update your blog – of which i regularly interrupt my busy schedule to check EVERYDAY – in the hope of some inspiration, gossip and tender words – with how long it would take to text or ring home- nothing beats that personal touch.i noticed in that busy schedule it you only refer to a 5 day week so we can all safely assume that you have all weekend for r&r, although i dont remember any reference to geriatric sports this w’end ( maybe the elbow bending comp. on thursday and friday nite was just too much for ’em?)

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