Magda is coming to Oz!

Magda is coming to Australia!

I only hope (and I know magda knows this) that i can find enough time to show her around and introduce her to all the fantastic people in Sydney!

Magda arrives on the 28th Feb, and as this is samir’s last night in the country, hopefully we may be able to pull something off that night.

5 thoughts on “Magda is coming to Oz!

  1. Well well well. It seems the longer I leave this blog to its own devices the more interesting it becomes. I can trust in my family for that! I could waste my time commenting on all the rather egotistical statements created no doubt to give the illusion of intelligence made under quirky and silly pseudonyms… But really when people can’t be bothered even to sign up and identify themselves adequately whats the point? Hi Ange and Vanessa! Hope you are both well! Hi Reid if you ever read this!? I haven’t read your blog in ages! Hi Alvin! Hows the study going? Thanks for letting me borrow the car Beth! So many nice people in the world, with so many nice thigns to say. Reminds me of someone who used to tell my siblings and I that if we didn’t have somethign nice to say, not to say anythign at all. Hows that for censorship!

  2. hey mr.d, that is ausume that Magda is going to vist. I am excieted for you. and with all of those drinks be sure to say cheers for me, b/c i am missing you all back here in Vanessa

  3. Thats great news! There will be heaps of ppl willing to show you (magda, if your reading this) around – count me in as one cause the first two weeks for uni are going to be cruisy-ish for me, considering im still an undergrad! 😛 so damo u dont have to worry toooo much.Be great to finally meet you! Hope u have an awesome time.

  4. Haha! like that comment! ofcourse we’re gonna party! I have about 24 hours to sleep, eat and put my party face on, haha! Just give a shot when I arrive and off we go:)see you soon!Puss & kram!

  5. for sure Magda, the people of sydney are fantastic but the people of southern nether regions are so much better that the sydneyites have not been able to come up with any superlatives worthy of their brilliance!

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