Thursdays and Sundays

Hi All,

After the success of last thursday night, I will again be visiting the Edinburgh Castle Hotel this thursday night. From 6pm till 9pm a selection of boutique beers will be available at half price (Buy one get one free). Thats $3 for blue tounge Alcoholic Ginger Beer!

The Pub is located on the corner of bathurst and Pitt st, one block southeast of Townhall station. It has been beautifully redecorated and after the 6o’clock swill it quietens down into a nice atmosphere where you can sit at the big open windows and watch the world stumble by…

Also keep in mind that this Sunday I’m going to endevour to go lawn bowling at Waverton lawn bowling club from about 2pm. Anyone who is interested please call me on 0406760790. They have a great view and used to have a live band and sausage sizzle on sunday arvos!

Check out these links for extra details! content/pubs/Edinburgh_Castle.aspx

PS. Yes I did cheat. I posted by email and sent it to ya’ll!

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