Calgary I need help!

Uhhh… I was going through my wallet the other day (As I have described on numerous occasion to Canadaians, ‘the other day’ ranges between from approximately upto a year ago but some people (Aged 22) have been heard to say things like “the other day, when I was 6”) and I came across 2 interesting pieces of paper.

The first is a yellow stickynote folded in half, with Alvins Vancouver phone number on one half in my writing, and the mysterious Carmen’s phone number on the other half, in what must only be mysterious Carmens handwritting. Sorry for publishing your details Carmen, but does anybody recognise this phone number: 585-5451 ??? Its definetly a Canadian number, so since I can’t remember receiving it, I was wodnering if Alisa or Reid or Alex could help me out?

The other piece of paper is a plain white off-white coloured card with three stars, a squiggle in the shape of a whirlpool and what looks like the cancer symbol hand drawn onto it and I’m assuming the typrewriter words describing the card as a “Hug Coupon. Redeemable today, then pass it on!!! With Loving intentions.” I can’t remember receiving this either (Shame on me – its so sweet!) Can anybody help me out? Can anybody reccommend a good, cheap psychiatrist in the Upper Sydney Area who deals with memory loss?

No Excuses.

OK, I know – I haven’t posted in ages, but you have to understand that when you visit a country you have to adopt its culture, yoiu have to experience it, so just relax, enjoy the sun and accept that the Pacific Way and Fijian Time have me firmly in their grasp… so the post will be posted when its posted… ie) When I get out of the grasp of Fiji, which incidently will be tommorow! Wow. 6 Months goes so fast, but thats probably because it wasn’t really 6 months. Can’t believe I’m coming home to holidays… well, tahts if there is any left by the time I get the mess sorted out that is reality!