New Phone Number

For those that haven’t realised – I’m back in Australia having arrived from Fiji on the 11th Jan. Thanks to telstra being so whacked I have a new phone number with Vodaphone:

International people: +61406760790

Locals: 0406760790

Give me a call and let me know how you are – I’ve also lost a lot of phone numbers as my old phone finaly died! I’m planning some kind of party probably mid/late Feb or after Alex arrives back from Sth America – original idea is to head off camping somewhere close. let me know what you think about teh idea and timing, as I understand it a lot of people should have graduated and be working fulltime… poor sods!

6 thoughts on “New Phone Number

  1. Camping aye?Mickeh one with the wild….I like the sound of that…CRIKEY!I don’t finish PwC till Feb 17th. Anytime after that…would be golden.

  2. will u have a party for when i get home???hehenot even sure when that will be..maybe end of June (if i have my way!)i´d love to go much fun!ciao

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