Christmas! (Was a long time ago…)

Here are some of the details of my christmas 2005, although what is written below is an extract from my travel journal written by our most gracious host Alisa Larson, cause I really can’t remember much of it… and if you haven’t seen 40 year old Virgin the movie, your not going to understand much of what she has to say! (We watched it on christmas day)


“There’s some strange guy named Damian at the front door… should I let him in?” Clint (One of Alisa house mates) was pretty nervous when you knocked on our front door, probably because your such a dodgy looking character.

It was a balmy Friday afternoon when our paths crossed for the first time. If I remember correctly (Althought eh minds kinda hazy these days… can’t imagine why) our first trip was to the liquor store or ‘bottle shop’ as you call it [or Grog shop]. You know its going to be a good night when you leave with your body weight in Alcohol! I think it all started with your good friend Bundaberg Rum… A night like that could only lead to one place… No not Grandmas drinking Hot chocolate (Although its known to have beena pretty wild time…), you gotta love teh strippers! well in your case, if you can remember them! [Which I can’t, but apparently I had a good time].

The whole time we where there you proceeded to tell me how awesome my brother was and blah blah blah…. “I know your gay cause… hahaha… you do realize there was naked ladies there right?”

We eventually made it home and later you where found asleep in the bathroom. You can’t leave an opportunity like that unpassed… so we have many incriminating photos of you with permanent marker and shaving cream all over… and what did it say on your back? Oh yeah, ‘I Love Cock’… “I know your gay because…” That really doesn’t get old!

The next day was kinda rough, but you did find time to call both Australia and Sweden and round up a Turkey… And saved $10 when some guy gave you his phone number to use… Ok, “I know your gay because….” Haha You couldn’t have been gayer if you tried! [In my defence… The number was in substitute of the safeway card that I don’t have… and it was given to me by a safeway worker so I could get the turkey for half price! Talk about Christmas spirit!]

What a feast we had that night, there was lots of darts, a ‘little’ bit of drinking and Reid spiced thigns up a bit with a few fireworks. Watching 40 year old virgin was a great way to bring in Christmas Day… Egg salad sandwich anyone?

You know its going to be a good day when you wake up to a house full of Irish Folks [After waking up to Reid dry retching at 2am]. Lauras family entertained the hell out of us with crazy accents and MadLibs involving Michael Jackson, Lube and a boys school… Say no more.

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Uncle Earnie’s. You know Big Earns a character when he wacks you with a stovetop stuffing box and then offers you beers and wine as soon as you walk in the door, i think he was just glad you and Alex weren’t a couple of psyuchopaths. Even though your not a Larson you did partake in the annual Christmas Hearts game… although you cheat… who am i kidding… it was me cheating and i still didn’t win!

Back at home Reid had to frantically pack up all of his crap because he decided that he wanted to catch the midnight bus back to Regina before going on home to Manitoba. On teh drive back from teh Bus station we stopped and walked through teh lights in Confederation park. Besdies you wiping out on your arse [twice!] it was really nice. The perfect end to a fantastic christmas.

One thign to remember is that every person, every moment in life changes the path that you are on and that positive people have a [positive influence on others life.


Thanks Alisa – I had a wonderful Christmas made all the more special because it was so random and came from amazingly generous people who didn’t know me in the slightest but where totaly unperturbed by my crazyness! [I think probably because they are equally or even more crazy then I – that being a compliment ]. Thanks also to the other members of the houshold who made it so memorable, and Big Ern and his family.

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