Vancouver – The Tour

I arrived at Vancouver airport at about 5pm on the 27th and have been staying with Alvin and his family since. So far we have covered pretty much the whole city fairly comprehensively, on teh 28th we took the seabus over to North vancouver and had brunch, followed up by a look around downtown, including the library and Gas Town and a quick peek at Vancouver Tower, which I will go up later some time around sunset to get some good pics of the city.

From Gas Town we headed to SFU – Simon Fraser University which is situated on a massive hill to the North East of downtown and we spent most of the time there hunting for the best photo opportunity! We caught the bus back into town then the skytrain (Canadaian public transport seems to be names in a similar manner to theire towns – Seabus, Skytrain, Bline Bus, its all very very pragmatic, very similar to the town called, Smashed-in-head-buffalo-jump, or Moosejaw, or Swiftcurrent…) Anyway, we visited a big mall called suprisingly, Metrotown! Hehe, I’m sorry toa ll the Canadians for making fun of their awesome place names, but I only just realised exactly how obvious it is!

Today we did a bit of a loop around downtown, visiting UBC first because it has some wonderful views of the city and out towards Vancouver Island, then into Chinatown for lunch (They sell dried lizards! Apparently Chinatown in Vancouver is older then Vancouver!) and Stanley Park on a roundabout way home. Stanley park is beautiful, everything is very green, their is moss everywhere and ferns and dampness and cold unfortunately. Stanley park would be a great place to be able to jog, ride, kayak around anytime of the year.

Got some pics of some Racoons which where pretty tame, then finaly got my phone unlocked! (Screw you Rogers! I’m free!), before we headed for home via an asian bakery so I could shout dessert… Japanese Cheescake – which i’m about to go eat, so toodleloo!

4 thoughts on “Vancouver – The Tour

  1. Paddling around Victoria? Sounds very odd coming from u.. Speaking of VIC, my brother has been paddling the Murray – they are travelling around in your hood atm. hahaha. 🙂 Im presumming Canadian Victoria is a little different from our VIC? 😛

  2. Okay – I promise an update on cal;gary soon. I said I’d do it yesterday, but I went for a ride instead! (It took me all day to get to the infamous Butchart gardens and back again – approx 50 – 60Km) Today i have been paddling around Victoria, which was… interesting… and very very cold!

  3. wow…I’ve heard Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places on earth! I hope you have an awesome NYE there with Alvin! Happy NY!!!!!

  4. I envy you! Why oh why didn’t I go to Vancover? Is your camera working now by the way? Good for you to have a non-Canadian mobile:)I’m taking my mum out for a walk today, to my grandparents. Last time a saw them, my gandmother jumped around crying and laughing at the same time. I wonder what she will do today. Take care! Kram!

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