Mum – the gladiator Librarian?

Have been doing some touring of vancouver city with Alvin recently (He has dragged me all around the city, at my request!) and one of the fascinating places we came across was the Vancouver city library! Its built as a replica of the colloseum! Too bad Barooga Library is probably already finnished, mum you could have been the Sparticus of the Berrigan Shire, braking free of the shackles of small town government beuracracy!

Alvin & Myself in North Vancouver – everything is wet and green here!

2 thoughts on “Mum – the gladiator Librarian?

  1. Nope didn’t go to Bridge Studios, but I have got you a presentyou will love! heheAm in Victoria now, that makes three capital cities for Canada as Alvin pointed out – its very picturesque – bit on the hippy and hemp side where I’ms taying, but good non-the less!

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