Crazy Travel Hours

I’m at Alvins now after spending a crazy 32hrs traveling.

Left Calgary at 12:00 noon on the 26th, arrived Regina 1:00am. Couldn’t get a taxi to the university so got a lift with some random people! Got my gear from Storage and packed it all down into my new Backpack (Present to self!). Booked a cab for 3:30am and was done packing by 3:00am – Was woried the taxi wasn’t going to show, so asked a friend (John) who has just getting into party mode if he could give me a lift to the airport, but the taxi came just as we where leaving so thought it best I went in the taxi.

Flight left Regina for minniapolis at 7am, so got a little bit of sleep at the airport, plus a little on the bus to Regina (2 seats to myself luckily!), arrived in Minniapolis and jumped straight on the plane for Seattle, arrived at Seattle at 1:30pm saskatchewan time, but had to put clock back two hours! anyways, waited around Seattle until 3:30pm vancouver time then flew here and Alvin picked me up! Haven’t slept properly for about 36+ hours and considering I went to bed at 6am on boxing day morning and 5am on christmas day morning it has been a long long time without adequate sleep!

I guess it was this lack of sleep that added to my appearance as somethign less then socially acceptable, because I was harrassed by a security gurard at the bus station when she observed me packing some small bottles of alcohol into my bag, stating that if I drank on the bus I would be kicked off – Ia ssurred her they where going under the bus. Anyway, come time to show my ticket and board, the bus driver says “I understand you have been drinking?” Waht am i supposed to say – its christmas, I’ve been drinking for the last two days! So of course I say “Nope – just packed away some christmas presents.” So he informs security and trhey leave me alone.

On arrival back into Canada from Seattle, I ge the third degree from the customs officer. “Where have you come from today?” With dread I go into explaining how I have come from Canada, only to re-enter Canada. Yes I know my student visa is expired I explained – I’m here as a tourist now. So that lead to delays and a trip to the immigration office, where they couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. Also – the US customs officer told me I didn’t need a US visa at all – I don’t think any of these people know what they are doing!

Top it off – One of my bags has had oil of some description spilled on it, so I have to fill out forms etc etc in regards to that! Consider I have only covered a distance of a 3 hour flight in 32Hrs of travel… I’m suprised I was in sucha good mood!

Fiji’s next – gurantee more things will go wrong! Anybody know if you need a visa for Fiji? Whoops! Update on the awesoem christmas coming as soon as I have some photos to explain…

3 thoughts on “Crazy Travel Hours

  1. Magda, your bags were drug tested??? What the… hehehe… tho… mine and Rupe’s bags were broken into by security (we pressume…we hope…) and raided when we went on a domestic flight within australia! Then we realised:a) the route we were taking is common for ppl coming through Oz from Indonesiaandb) Both bags were under Rupe’s surname which is Malaysian…

  2. I know how it is, the security was after me like I was related to bin Laden him self. They drugtested my bag and I had to fill out paper after paper that said that I’m not a spy or a part of a terrorist gang. I know, I look so big, strong and dangerous!!! Happy new year! Say hi to Alvin from me.

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