News! Apologies for Late update!

Well, a lot has happened since my last post, and I promise i will get around to adressing the comments which make this blog so much more interesting! In fact – I plan to make a whole blog post in relation to the discussion contributed by the members of The Agora.

However, personal news:

  • Flashback: Some time in October? I collided heads with Reid playing Dodge Pong. I tried to equalise my ears by pinching my nose and blowing, suspicously air came out my ear!
  • Exams Finnished 15th December 12 Noon.
  • Bus to Banff via Calgary on 15th December 7:45 pm.
  • Arrive Banff 16th December 9:oo am-ish.
  • Greyhound has a wierd bus policy – no guarantee you will get a seat unless you pay extra $. If you don’t get a seat, you have to wait for the next bus! We got a seat.
  • 16/12: Checked out Banff Caves and Sulphur Cavern, Banff Town.
  • 17/12: Snowboarding @ Norque, Magda impressed herself by remembering how to Ski! Awesome cook-your-own dinner at Japanese restaurant. Visited Banff Hotsprings that night – only to get water in my ear. Spent the night in agony.
  • 18/12: Woke up (7am) to find blood on Pillow. Informed no GP’s in town, so had to checkinto emergency at Banff Hospital. Result, Punctured Ear drum and infected Middle Ear. $700.
  • Still managed to Go up the Banff Gondola that day for an awesome view of Bow Valley, and went Ice Skating on the Bow River, caught the bus back to Calgary, got a bum steer from a taxi driver and walk around downtown Calgary for an Hour before we found our old fashioned Hotel. Sleep: 11pm.
  • 19/12: Sightseeing in Calgary, Calgary Olympic park and Calgary Tower at Night (Awesome).
  • 20/12: More sightseeing & Shopping, arrange accomodation and see Magda off at airport 9pm.
  • 21/12: Organise! I have no money left, so no more sightseeing!

Sorry for the boring, Diary style update! i still dunno what my results are and may not find out until January – More philospohy as soon as I knowwhat I’m doing! Alvin has kindly offered me a place to stay fora while in Vancouver so I need to save some money for the snowboarding we have planned there, which will be awesome!
Hope everybody is having a awesome time and looking forward to Christmas.

2 thoughts on “News! Apologies for Late update!

  1. i am a sexy bitch. wait no that is a lie. no mabye not, I am just a sexy beast in regina. oops i said it and it is true. I can’t help the facts.sincerly reid larson(the coolest roomate)

  2. your a very busy man, hope all is good and that you keep on having fun. cheers to enjoying canada!!and take care you!alwaysvanessa

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