News update

Short news update (The other stuff is way more interesting!)

  • My digital camera refuses to switch on. The switch moves, the batteries are charged, nobody is home. Damn. Could be a while before more photo’s are posted!
  • Joe and Mellissa, an Uncle and Aunt of mine in Sydney are due to have another kid in April. More Fuller’s running around! I like the way they signed the email:

Joe, Melissa, Isabelle, Brianna and x “

  • I had my Wisdom Teeth out on monday, They where giving me heck and it should be covered under the wonderful UTS comprehensive Insurance, which is good! Pulled one straight out and had to cut the other one up etc. Got a good look, they where about an Inch big.
  • As per usual, got an essay due tommorow, and a logic assignment. Had an Accounting exam on Tuesday. Got lots of study done on Monday (Not. Between spitting and swallowing blood I didn’t do much). Had a Philosophy exam on Friday.
  • Magda is pretty sick at the moment – some form of flu.
  • Have bookings for Banff and Calgary over Christmas. Still no Accomodation in vancouver or Fiji. Haha. Oh well!
  • Ange and Alex are in South America!!

Thats all folks! I think!?

5 thoughts on “News update

  1. Well mamma cat, you may send me some uk pics and i’ll upload them for all to see! As for the camera, I don’t want to plug it direct intot eh power outlet here as they uise a different voltage of power, and that could severely damage my camera… let alone the problems locating the right DC converter…As for the wisdom teeth, I’ve been assured by the lovely people at UTS that it is covered, and considering I wouldn’t be able to get it done at home under healthcare for at least 6 months, I think it is a price I’d be prepared to pay (Eventually). Maybe mamma cat you should really operate under the pseudenom of chicken little, since the sky is always falling on your head?

  2. with temperatures under -25 I wouldnt be too easy to turn on either!have you tried plugging into power rather than relying on battery power?maybe got condensation in it! – or its frozen solid!why cant you take the memory card out and upload from that with a card reader?will i send you some uk pics?(just so people can see where you get your talent from!)

  3. Poor LITTLE Diddems,He lost his widdems,and he began to cryOh Mother DearI sadly fearI’ve no money to payfor my widdemsOh Mother Dear I’ll rue this dayI hear you say!What! Lost your Widdems!you silly DiddemsIt’ll cost you more than pieWOW!,WOW!,WOW!It’ll cost you more than pie!The poor little Diddemsfound indeed, found indeedthat it cost more than piethat it cost more than pie!And that poor little Diddemswhen he found indeed, found indeedthat his insuranceled him a merry dance, led him a merry dance,criedOh Mother DearI greatly fearthat I might surely die,that I might surely diefor I can’t afford that pie!What! Die!You poor LITTLE diddemsyou shall not dieYou shall not die!But wait I smell a rat close by!Ha!Ha!Ha!I smell a rat close by

  4. be wary of ”pre-existing condition ” clause .Much more acceptable if it was a”sudden severe and completely unprecedented pain”

  5. NEWSFLASH:Mick is bored as anything. He has absolutely nothing to do and wishes he was in South America or even the Gold Coast would do nicely….Road trip perhaps….my 2 cents. haha

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