Whithams or Whitams? Where are you?

Gosh! I have a dead link on my site!? Its Whithams Coffee, and I can’t find its home anywhere?

Heath? Where has Whitams gone? Or is it Whithams? it doens’t amtter it still doesn’t exist. Did Lance Insult Google one day – because you guys just don’t show up anymore! Anyway, it was itneresting because this was what I found when i searched for Whithams Coffee:

Striaght from the Vogue Discussion board:

emmysydney (19yr old model wannabe)

bathers is nice, but expensive.
for northern beaches – there are a couple of lovely ones in dee why.
but, i had the best cooked breakfast i’ve ever eaten the other day, it’s in waverton but worth the train ride – whithams coffee.
three or four eggs scrambled (and divine) a pile of bacon (seriously, lots) two very thick pieces of yummy white toast with loads of butter and two tomatoes! top with one of the best coffees in sydney (no joke!) and there you go – all for $10.50 including latte.
not bad hey
gee, they should employ me for marketing or something…

Heath must have been working that day :P.

3 thoughts on “Whithams or Whitams? Where are you?

  1. Damo Damo Damo..u have to go to withams.com.au and im sure you will find it there!Pura vita!Greetings from Costa Rica!

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