Ice Hockey!

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Alvin managed to pickup some free tickets to a Regina V’s Vancouver Ice Hockey game, so despite my looming deadlines, I decided to head off in teh -25 weather to see the game!

Regina Lost by 1 goal and if they had of played the whole game like they played the last ten minutes, they would have won. Not that I minded, but they seemed to spend too much time going for the man rather then the puck.

Hah – I can’t skate and I’m still a critic!

5 thoughts on “Ice Hockey!

  1. You’l be right Mick – Gonna help you out heaps with work experience at Pwc As well. Does Amanda White still give that class? Say Hi to her for me if she does!

  2. *rips off helmet**Throw’s off gloves*YOU WANNA GO! COME ON! *takes off skate*COME ONNNNNNNN! hahahahha. yes i’m disturbed, therefore yes i’m studying for the audit final.

  3. So glad to hear your doing some cultural activities without chaining yourself to the desk 24-7. Glad to hear ur having fun and hope u get ur work done quickly, effectively and efficiently…(can u telll ive been studying HR waaayyyy too much :P)

  4. Thanks heaps Alvin for getting those tix! Was a pleasure! If i could be skate it is deffinetly a game I would like to play! They are even allowed to fight! (Although they get sin-binned for it, much the same as rugby)

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