Edmonton (Alberta!)

Well, I finally got out of Saskatchewan! (Although i’m still not sure how to spell it!)

It was a great trip, taking advantage of the remembrance day long weekend and skipping a few classes on thursday, we arrived late thursday night and didn’t do much at all. Friday we cruised around Leduc where we were staying at Brittanys Uncle Darcy’s. Highlight of the day was when Magda spotted IKEA and nearly jumped through the roof of the car – made everybodies day by how excited she was!

IKEA is not like at home – not like I remember anyway!? They are more like a massive department store where they cover everythign from linen and towels to knifes, forks, bedroom suites, anythign to with the house or home or Swedish food! They even had a garden section! Anyway – Magda bought some Swedish meatballs so I’ll make sure I’m invited when she cooks them! Darren (Brittanys dad) tried some at teh IKEA restaurant but not sure he liked them too much!

Anyway – Friday night was a big one – I’d heard on teh grapevine that Darren liked tequila, so i bought him and his brother a bottle of it, but it turns out Darcy doesn’t drink! Anyway – Darren was in bed gigling like a baby for the camera by 9:30pm and teh rest of us carried on! Good night all in all except for the game of pool that almost got us in a fight!

Saturday was supposed to be the night out on the town, but we didn’t get far, not that it mattered! Brittany caught up with an old friend for a while and we hit the local again after a long day at the West Edmonton mall

That place was amazing – they have an amusement park in the mall, not to mention about 2 laser challenge games, a go-kart track, and 3 odd minigolf places, an aquatic centre, shiwreck and aqua boats you can squirt other people with! Something for the boys and of course shopping for the girls! It was a good day and Darren had obviously recovered enough to collect $11 in the minigolf!

We made the trip home Sunday before thigns got nasty with the weather – couple of very cold days, but i think I’m adjusting because -25 doesn’t seem that cold! uni is covered in snow and i’m just itching to go snowboarding – Got to go skating on Wednesday night in yellowgrass, and even managed to hit a puck around!

Pictures to come and details of the Hockey game Alvin got me free Tix’s to last night, including the -25 walk to the bus-stop!

3 thoughts on “Edmonton (Alberta!)

  1. IKEA here sells mainly furniture and kitchen/bathroom/bedroom sets, but also kitchen utensils, curtains/blinds, linen, and have whole toy sections in the “kid’s bedroom” area… havent seen one with a garden area thou…but we do have small cafes!!

  2. oh I wasn’t aware there are IKEAs that DOESN’T sell stuff like linens. There are 2 IKEAs in the greater Vancouver area, and both of them have a department store as you described.

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