Its a new month – Its new photo time!

Yes I have updated the pics on FlickR and chewed up half my bandwidth already! I will do as Nick says one day!

Anyway – check out the awesome pics of the Hoar frost we had – the tree’s were frozen! I love my camera – tried to take photos of snow falling though it for some uknown reason it has trouble with littel white specks against a million other little white specks.

7 thoughts on “Its a new month – Its new photo time!

  1. Ah hah! That’s the reason nobody ever took me seriously… I guess that’s what you get for cooking spag bol every week!

  2. Actually – it was my digital camera, so i technicaly have nothing to thank my mother for, except for the fact she is my mother, is truly wonderful, introduced me to photogrpahy, took care of me for 18 years less 52×18 for the one day a week I cooked and took care of myself and everybody else in our family because lets face it; food is the most important thing in our family and he/she who cooks has power!

  3. now which camera would that be and i think you should qualify that statement by adding – i love my mum cos she encourages my artistic talent, introduced me to photography AND LENT ME HER CAMERA!

  4. Damian! Mate, you dropped off the planet.But you do have a chance to redeem yourself. Check this page : details on how to win a christmas gift. Free photo uploads for a year, unlimited. Check it. Submit heaps. Anyone can win as you’ll be voting.Take care mate,Nick

  5. Damian, these photos are beautiful (they’d make good white christmas cards for all us red, hot ‘n’ stinkin Aussies) *hint* *hint*. More like this please!(Demandin’ ain’t I?)

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