Hiding has been extended until 8th November.

Hi Guys,

I got an extension for my assignment and should be doing it right now, rather then posting this, but I have a brain freeze anyway. (Anybody know anything about AASB 120 Accounting for Government Grants and Discolusre of Government Assistance and its relation to the old SAC 4 or new Conceptual Framework, especially in regards to revenue recognition criteria? Email me for chrisake!)

Anyway – News from Home:

  • Mum and Dad are home from the UK
  • Nan sounded real good on the phone
  • There have been problems with the bookkeeping in Sydney
  • My room is vacant at the Clan & hence I’m offering half rent to anybody who wants to move into a fully furnsihed room until Mid-January. (Thats $56 a week rent for prime Roseville estate people – catch is you have to have a reference from somebody I know)
  • Demelza is apparently going to Darwin?
  • It was Leigh Hodgsons 22nd on the 31st october (Happy B’day Leigh!)
  • Milly had her Eleventieth at the Clan! See Pics below.

News from Canada:

  • I got the highest mark I’ve ever gotten on a midterm (91.5% on logic – No idea why my sister can’t understand my arguments – they are clearly logical) Go figure since I’ve been doing all that partying?
  • Open Universities suck so much they have to reissue our first assignments (Which I failed! Yay 2nd Chance!) because they posted misleading information. (Assignment was due week 3 but was based on week 5 material!?)
  • Open Universities suck so much because I have this bitch of an assignment due on Monday.
  • Humanities classes have no point or objective other then to be entertaining. Although its good the lecturer is an Anti-Bush campaigner and is not afraid to compare him to totalatarian dictators similar to those in Margaret Atwoods ‘The handmaids tale.’
  • Their is not a single expresso coffee machine in Regina (Or probably Saskatchewan.) They are all instant push button things and they dont know how to do the milk like Heath does. ie. The coffee situation is making me very very nervous. Its a crime. Terrible. I haven’t had a proper (read expresso machine coffee with non-frothy milk) coffee since I left Australia!
  • Philosophy Class is Awesome! Expect more posts on that soon!
  • Procrastination occurs as much in foreign countries as it does your home country, probably more because you have more interesting things to do!

4 thoughts on “Hiding has been extended until 8th November.

  1. Here’s a bit of news for ya, if ya haven’t already heard… the Socceroos beat Uraguay! Excellent! Apparently it’s all thanks to John Saffron, for lifting the curse set by some African witch Doctor wayyyy back from before we were born!

  2. You heard right then. I did tell her about Lisa, but she’s been pretty busy and probably won’t have time while she’s there anyway. I think they have a pretty packed scuba schedule.Happy bout site updates!! Haven’t checked ’em out yet, but will do.Did you hear that Simon is in NZ? Only for a week or so, not sure if it’s work or pleasure.Even more exciting… I’m going on a day trip to this exotic, remote location on Sunday! It’s called Barrabool (rural outskirts of Geelong…). Yup… it’s gonna be great. Wish me luck, hopefully nobody will plant any weed in my first aid kit (on second thoughts… could be a good painkiller!!) I don’t know what the authorities are like in Barrabool, could end up stuck there for life – that could be worse than life in a Bali prison.Anyway, enuf trash…’ave a good day.

  3. Heard Demelza was making her way upto Darwin for Purdy Curtis’s wedding? Hi to the Curtis’s if demelza remembers to show them this site!Also hear she is off to Brunei to go Scuba Diving – Hope Demelza knows I have contacts in Brunei, not sure if Lisa is there at the moment though! last I heard of her she was in london at teh same time as me! Hello Lisa?Hope your happy the site ahs been updated! I’m happy – so happy I couldn’t sleep and called M&D at 3am!

  4. Just lettin’ you know, Nan was chuffed to hear from you, I think she’s told me three times already that you called (and apparently you called yesterday). Perhaps you should do it more often…*hint* *hint*Melz leaves for Darwin tomorrow. Personally I’ll be glad to see her go… she puts dirty tissues in the recycling bin! (Note from Melz: You [sic] can recycle snot for sure!)My complaint for the day (aside from the one above): I played a set of tennis this mornin’ that went for an hour and a half, and two more sets straight after! Tonight I am sufferin’ the symptoms of old age. My little piece of inspiration for all those doing exams or final assignments: “We’ve got two lives, one we’re given and the other one we make” (Mary Chapin Carpenter – <>The Hard Way<>)Cheers

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