They got me again!

Hmmm. I like to think, if it wasn’t for Beth – none of this would have ever happened, damn – I underestimated her!

The guys here got me good. To make up for the fact that I tried to keep my birthday quiet – I guess they decided it was best if I had two parties. Just a small one on my birthday to keep me happy – then a surprise party of Friday night – it was awesome! I must admit – I had no idea what they where planning, even though I had plenty of clues and almost a tip off! But I must admit – the quiet party on Tuesday lulled me into a false sense of security.

So the party – it was downstairs in the Residence Rec Room. Filled with streamers and balloons of course, with a large breast/cleavage cake (Much better then a penis cake). I got a variety of presents – a canadian shotglass, some stickers (of all the things i’ve lost – i miss my mind the most), Bulgarian Rose Oil, a dodge pong set (Note R&V: Dodge not doge), some shots, a fake mobile phone etc etc – thanks for all the presents guys!

From what I can remember – there where four early ‘fatalaties’ to the night, In no particular order: Alvin (Hospitalised), Mike (Sin binned 2X), Myself and Annie (Apparently). i’m sure many others struggled with their absinth shots but since carlos informs me i had 5 in a row I didn’t feel so bad about using the girls toilet (No point keeping things quiet – I’m sure plenty of comments will be made about this post!).

So yeah- from now on I’m going into hiding – nevermind that it is halloween this weekend? Who’s organising that halloween pub crawl?

4 thoughts on “They got me again!

  1. That looks soooo awesome!! Okay… i had nothing to do with the surprise party but im so glad they organised it! Congratulations to the canadians and exchange ppl in Regina, cause they held Damo’s first ever surprise party – and an extremely successful one at that!!

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