Well the time has come for me to go into hiding – I have 2 exams and a 2500 word research report due in 10 days, I have done zero study for all of them. Party on the 1st November anybody?

Just a note: We won the Team Spirit Award for Outdoor Ultimate Frisbee! Go Mothers Finest! A warning to all teams in the indoor competition – we will be back better then ever and our goal is to win at least one game this season! I wouldn’t want to be the team we beat – what humiliation!

3 thoughts on “Hiding!

  1. Yeah yeah – dont push me I’m trying to hang out until wednesday! Spread the word – Wednesday (My time!:P) The post will be updated!

  2. You really have gone into hiding! I’ve been on the net less and less, but I come here everytime (yes, that’s how sad my life is!), but you haven’t updated for ages! I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms… stop being so conscientious and post something new… please….???

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