The buggers got me!

Well, thanks to Beth knowing more about me then I thought, my cover was blown and everybody semmed to know it was my birthday on Tuesday, however in a show of how friendly they are, they didn’t embarass me too much!

My room was filled with the mandatory ballons, rude comments where written on my whiteboard and we had a few drinks. We went out for a quiet dinner and they managed to suprise me with dessert – thanks guys for a birthday just how I like it!

Shout out to Reid, Vanessa, Alex, Magda and Brittany for all making it special in their own way. Thanks to My family & beth for getting in touch as well. Missed you all.

5 thoughts on “The buggers got me!

  1. Strangely enough, I purcahsed the Wallabies jumper at the Manchester Ashes Test in the ECB propaganda tent for cheaper then I could get one in Australia ($80 instead of $150!)

  2. Small quiet birthday celebration or so you thought….muahahaha.. hope you enjoyed your suprise birthday party on Friday night….

  3. GO the wallaby jersey… did you score that! haha. Hope you had a mega-wicked birthday champion. And hope the hangover isn’t too bad haha. p.s. Wallabies sending 5 rookies over on tour of europe…blooding them for the world cup…should be interesting.

  4. Yes i did! Thanks all the more for the awesome CD I received today – the powerpoint took about half an hour to load, but it was fantastic. Damn you all for being so sexy and having so much fun! Miss you all heaps.

  5. C’mon… its so obvious you hate attention and people knowing your birthday…so combine the two and you have an excellent plan! But, as long as you had an awesome birthday (which it sounds like you did!)then thats all that matters!

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