Cabin Weekend!

This weekend just gone, I finaly managed to get us away to Lake Diefenbaker (Or however you spell it). From the word go, this trip was an organisational disaster, probably because i was organising it! We were supposed to stay at ‘The trails end guest ranch’ and go horseback riding and a whole bunch of stuff, the the useless buggers cancelled on me, on Thursday morning! They had ‘other plans’! Can you imagine! I had called 2 weeks prior to let them know we where coming, and had emailed a week prior to confirm numbers! Arrgh – i hope they go out of business!

So, Thursday afternoon I spent several hours organising alternative accomodation when I should have been doing my HUM 207 Essay. All up i think it was an ok trip – we only got lost once (for about 10min) and the hire cars where very nice, if a bit more expensive then expected. In total, all 14 of us did a 650Km round trip!

The cabins where very simple – just 8 bunk beds, food was cook it yourself, ad we cooked lots of it! All we seemed to do for a lot of the weekend was eat (True Newcastle style barbies boys – only missing the kangaroo meat!) We also had a look around an old setllers cabin, church, and visited the local duck haunt – as all the geese are on the move at the moment. In true country style we had a decent fire to sit aroundat night and shared a few drinks with some American duck hunters who where staying at the cabins also. For me – it was just good to get out and about, I really enjoyed just driving around and having a look about!

The Lake itself was really just a massive damn, and when we drove over the damn wall on teh way to the cabins, the wind had whipped the lake into such a frenzy 2m waves where blowing spray all over the cars.

Pics are up on FlickR so check them out!

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