Reids 19th Birthday!

It was Reids 19th Birthday on Thursday, 6th of October. What did he get? He got a big surprise when he walked into his room after our game of ultimate. He got a big Penis Cake. He got a whole bunch of bitches. He got a reserved table at JD’s. He got $10 for stripping in the club. He got Third place in an all-girl twister competition (Default first place because the girls wouldn’t place their right hands on Reids C&B.) He got Drunk (Most of us got drunk). He got vomit on his shoes (Someone got vomit on her tounge). He got an early night (Midnight).

The party spirit AKA White Man Dance Moves (WMDM)
The Bitches
The Cake.
More pics will be available on FlickR soon. Once I figure out how to do it – their will also be video available of Reid stripping, twisting and WMDM’ing. Happy Birthday Reid! You have almost achieved your life long goal!

5 thoughts on “Reids 19th Birthday!

  1. Since I’m Australian, I decree my birthday must take place in Eastern Standard Time, therfore, my birthday is nearly over! MWahaha. Hmmm, that wasn’t as funny as it sounded in my head.

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