Define Me

Nick has commented that he would like me, to “define me.” now I’m sure he meant, define him – NJM. My answer is to that is ‘you.’

Now – we can have much more fun with this, and its something i’ve been trying to get Samir to do for at least 2 years (on that basis that you are (or will be) what you want!)

Define Yourself!

Here are the rules of definitions again:

Rule 1: All definitions must have a genus and differentia. (Genus = category)
Rule 2: A definition should be neither too broad nor too narrow.
Rule 3: A definition should state the essential attributes of the concepts referents.
Rule 4: A definition should not be circular.
Rule 5: A definition should not use negative terms unnecessarily.
Rule 6: A definition should not use vague, obscure or metaphorical language

Create your definition, or just make one up and leave it as a comment – maybe leave it as annonymous and let us all guess?

6 thoughts on “Define Me

  1. Mick, There IS a bennett playing for the Vikings, but his first name is Michael. Darren Bennett is no longer an active NFL player (You can check the list of active players here: But he did play for the Vikings at some point. I’m relatively new to the NFL so I am fairly clueless right now about former players (my first year of fandom was 2003).I have a friend who is a Jets fan and he tells me that Ben Graham is the Jets’ best player this year, as sad as it is to say (when a punter is a football team’s best player, you know the team is in BIG trouble). Graham has garnered a lot of love in New York. 45-60 yards is pretty average, but if someone can do it consistantly than i would defiantely agree with you that it’s brilliant.I watched the Jets game this past Sunday and I was impressed by his punts. He definately has the power, but I didn’t get to see if he has the accuracy to pin a team within their own 5 yard line.

  2. Alvin.Obviously the first was Darren Bennett…who I think was transferred to minnosota vikings either this year or last season. Ben Graham however, retired about 2-3 years ago from Professional AFL…and can kick the ball about 45-60 metres consistantly…which would be brilliant for NFL I reckon. hehe.

  3. Sorry, no definition for now. But I DID find out the name of the former AFLer turned NFLer that I was talking about today. Ben Graham!’s new to the New York Jets this year (giving him the record of the oldest rookie to make an opening week roster of an NFL team at age 31). He’s only the 2nd person to have played in both the AFL and the NFL, and the 3rd Aussie NFL player.

  4. Just to get us started: <>Damian Vincent Fuller:<>is a physicaly and emotionaly alive being, capable of inteligent thought, of hurting and being hurt, of right and wrong, of achieiving or being anything within the finite world that his finite body can permit.

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