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Hi all!
This has taken me nearly 4 hours to do, and i’m still not sure if it works!However, if it does – you can enter your email into the box on the sidebar, click submit and you will receive an email each time the blog is updated!

There is one condition – you need to be a registered blogger user – however, this does not mean you have to have your own blog! You simply sign up, receive a profile and then everytime you make a comment on the site – you can sign in and it will assign your name to the comment!

10 thoughts on “Email notification of updates!

  1. I’ll be posting a link to your blog sometime today Mick – thanks for all the updates, and all those other news updates I’ve received from people at home – about sport and about the inquiry into the military justice system.

  2. BTWDamo…Australia absolutely slaughtered the World XI last night. Sangakara and Flintoff were the only recognised bastman to get into double figures.At one stage the World XI were 4/53 and Sangakara who opened had 46 of those runs. Unbelievable. You could tell the Aussies went out with a mission. Glenn McGrath was brilliant grabbing 2/13 off 7 overs. Brilliant RPO. A guy I really don’t like however stole the show, Shane Watson with 3 wickets in the match, and a great run out where he hit the stumps with a direct hit practically from the boundary ala Greg Blewitt at the world cup i think in 99′. So yeah, we won by 93 runs. Next game is on Friday.

  3. hehe Cheers Alex,Yeah I knew there was an NRL fan there, so I decided to give a little preview of the grand final. But Tigers won and it was a good grand final.I know way too much about the sport its actually not healthy. haha.

  4. um….sorry, i dont think the 4 hours was worth it, well i can’t get the email thingi to work. anyway 10 points for perservering!PS Mick – the NRL “preview” was excellent(being an NRL fan damian forwarded it to me), it was so detailed – i feel like i watched the whole game!!

  5. HAHA yeah.I remember writing it and as I was writing it, i’m like “I’m writing an article here”. Then I re-read it again…and I just thought “I wrote an article” haha. It was good fun to write, hopefully it was a good read to.

  6. Thats awesome mate – I’m sure it’ll become one of the most visited sports sites on the net! The NRL Grandfinal report you gave me was spot on! Unfortuantly, I’m pretty sure the email notification thingy isn’t working! Sorry folks!

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