We where once a band of brothers….. Residence brothers, or Frat house bros?
I dunno, but the residence organised a fantastic paintball trip and we all camo’d up and prepared ourselves for the bruises! In fact, if it hadn’t of been for Reid (Who was on my team!) shooting me in the arm at pointblank range, oh and the suicide run with no gun which resulted in me getting clipped in the nads… and the kneecap shot from 1 metre away… I would have survived the day relatively unharmed!

Thanks to all these guys and girls who made it an awesome day!

A very few more pictures will be available on flickr soon.

3 thoughts on “Paintball!

  1. It did. But I can’t complain – I had run out of paintballs adn was making a suicide dash for the flag. I managed to weave my way 15m through a hail of paintballss, grab the flag, follow through 15m closer to the enemy side, get shot in the nads, promptly drop to the ground and of course relinquish the flag for the enemy to swoop on and carry the remaining 15m back to their base! Bah.

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