Please Rant & Rave

Hi All, I’d just like to make it clear – I like it when you all Rant!

Please dont be afraid to express yourself by posting a comment, or if you would like a little more space, or a little more headline – email me something and I’ll post it on your behalf.

This comment is in part inspired by the speech of Steve Jobs that Sarah forwarded to Nick (who is all about everybody having an opinion), and in part by my family, who have always been about having a good rant for the fun of it (as you can see – dont be afraid of them, they only yell and scream and froth at the mouth, they dont bite.)

So forward me anything you you would to draw peoples attention to, especially personal pieces, thoughts, or just make a comment. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Please Rant & Rave

  1. Hey you two… *hugs to both*You should BOTH get Msn…then we can all talk to everyone! hehehe Coming from the messenger freak.🙂Beth

  2. Hi Shuji, hope your keeping well and not going to die of over-work! What is that word in Japanese?I really must get myself MSN or something – I seem to spend a lot of time on the computer at the same time as others these days! I think you might be right about the work v’s exchange thing, upto the point where I dont have any money left anyway!

  3. gday Damo, Shuji herejust thought i might pop in and say hi. seems like your site is up and running prett nicely! you seem to be doing a better job than me at keeping people updated at what you’ve been up to.nothing too exciting has been happening here. i guess thats the difference between you partying over there on exchange, and me working over here on work experience.aight laters!Shuji.

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