Check out the new addition!

I’ve always wanted to be a builder, and I think this website is kind-of-like my dream warehouse apartment – I can just keep on renovating it, over and over. So, point of this blog – check out the Lyrics Machine in the sidebar, now i just got to work out how to change the song!

By the way, if you don’t know this song, I’m ashamed of you. Currently tormenting my housemates by learning how to play it on the Harmonica!

Big shout-out at this point to any of my fellow spriggers who have checked out the site – Loved the tour, the people and the cricket!

4 thoughts on “Check out the new addition!

  1. Builder / Architect / Home-renovator… seemed like a good way to make a buck without working for someone else.Must say I don’t remember playing the harmonica in Katherine, and the rats tail was pre-housebus era anyways! Are you trying to defame my image! If you can find a picture, I’ll post it – to my own embarassment & detriment!

  2. You always wanted to be a builder? First I’ve heard of it!Just a note re:your website. Don’t know bout anyone else, but on Ace your sidebar is appearin’ down the bottom right hand corner of the site, after the posts. No biggie, just thought you’d like to know.Wish I could post a clip of you playin’ (if that’s what you’d call it) harmonica at Travencore, aged… what? Eight? Housemates would really cringe then!(If they could, through their laughter!)Even better would be to post a piccie of you with your rats tail, pierced ear and trollies!Re: Home Among the Gum Trees – the other day Melz and I did our best Bollywood impersonation and broke into song out of nowhere! We had a friend over and I got out some Sao’s for a snack. Melz and I just looked at each other and started singing ‘Can you fit a Sao… in your gob in one go…’! It was hi-larious. Remember that one? I seem to recall you and Simon attempting to ‘give us a grin’! Big mouths! 🙂‘Ave a good one

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