Here I am with some of the bigwigs of the URSU & our Goldenmile Mall team!
L to R: Victor (president URSU), Lawrence, Victor, Lindy?, Hillary (Vice President External), YT & Shaun (Vice President Students).
This is the second set of fundraising we have done this week, and an official end to the UofR Shinerama. On Wednesday we scoured the campus shining students and staff shoes alike the team of 4 I was in covered Luther & campion colleges, rasing about $250.
Our team of 5 on saturday where at the Goldemile Mall (My local!) from 9:30 to 12:00 and raised about $50 each. Highlight of the day for me being that the local cleaner told me there was a girl who sounded just like me working across the road at the donut shop, so I went over and paid a visit to Sharon, the third known aussie in regina!
Saturday night was a free beer & Pizza night for the V-team (URSU Volunteers), and we made sure there were no beer tickets left at the end! i managed to draw another aussie out of the woodwork – she came and punched me and asked me what claim I had to the Wallabies jumper I was wearing!
All the money from Shinerama goes to Cystic Fibrosis Council (Check the link) and URSU has raised about $7,000.00 This year! Top work people!

2 thoughts on “Shinerama!

  1. we didnt go back to england until well after the cricket had finished, we were as far away from there as possible – kirkwall (orkney isles)auzzie bar man from echuca commisserated with us during last death throes.

  2. dude. get that flickr pro account and put up some more shots. sounds like your having a wicked time, all i can say is keep it up.

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