The Weekend!

Ian & Myself BBQ’ing away!
This weekend was quite action packed! It all started on Friday night – the 2nd of the Lazy owls Five Fridays! I voluteered my services as expert aussie BBQ’r to flip burgers (as they say) for the URSU Cistic Fibrosis Fundraiser! It was a great night and was great from a social aspect because a lot of people I knew from classes knew where to find me! Not to mention all the hungry randoms I got to talk to! Unfortunately standing beside the BBQ till 4am meant teh next day I had a massive fever and was unable to go on the Cistic Fibrosis bar blitz (The ad read: Free Entry to clubs & bars to sell candy necklaces to hot chicks – I was sold!) which would have been awesome! However I did manage to make it to teh U of R Rams game, which they lost, but it was interesting none-the-less!

L – R: Alvin, Hanne, Eva, Anni, Ant-ti, Hedei, Alex & Sona

After another night of raging fever, I dragged myself out of bed and Alex and I managed to make it to the bus station in time to join a few other exchange students and Alvin to head to Moose Jaw to check out the Tunnels of Prohibition! It was pretty cool, teh tour guides where all dressed up in 1920’s clothes and acted out the part as if we where actually bootleggers smuggling Al Capone’s Whiskey across the border into America! We also did another tour about teh chinese immigration which was very interesting, nice to know every country has some skeletons in the closet. (Apologies for incorrect spelling of names!)

Alvin in front of the sign I plan to send a pic of to Rove – Mike – a Moosejawian couldn’t explain it!

7 thoughts on “The Weekend!

  1. Yay the Swannies! Shout out to all those who I didn’t get to speak to on Saturday, and (those I did)!Happy Birthday to my Mum and Dad as well (14th & 23rd of September) They are now what – 50 or 51? I dunno! Dad still acts and plays cricket like his 35 and Mum puts up with him, so I guess it doesn’t really matter!Love ya’s!

  2. yes, there IS a difference between Canadians and Americans…at least we tell ourselves that anyways…And…uhm…go…Swans =) (yes, I actually know what you’re talking about for once)

  3. Phew! Knew it wouldn’t take you long to stomp on that one. North American? Don’t you mean Canadian? I’d have thought the locals would have drummed the difference inta ya by now. And… you know how partiotic I am!(Dad are you readin? That was sarcasm… just in case!)As for the GF, I’ll be ‘rootin’ for the Swans (American enuf for ya?). Sorry westies, but I think the Swans deserve it. Apparently they haven’t won since 1933!

  4. Jeez Rhian, whats wrong with Wagga Wagga, Echuca, Dubbo, Enneabba, Eucla, Wannoo, etc etc!? See this is the subliminal power of Americanism – its affected the person I least thought it would! First off you say ‘sweet’, then you want North American town names! You said Don’t instead of doesn’t and to top it off you want to know all about the GI season which I have no idea about, especially considering the swany’s are in the GF on Saturday! 😛 Hehe. I love being a brother! 😛

  5. You went to Moose Jaw! Sweet. Now, why can’t we have names like that for towns in Oz? Like Roo Jaw or Croc Jaw or Chidna Jaw… Guess it just don’t have the same ring to it, tho, do it? Aw well. I’m sure we have our fair share of weird town names. How far into the GI season are they?

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