Families of Suicide Soldiers Seek Compo

A lot of you may already have known of Dave Hayward, a friend of mine from highschool. He is at the front of the picture above, pulling faces and making everybody laugh, as he used to do at home. Dave apparently committed suicide in Perth at the beginning of last year, about a week after his Birthday. He had been AWOL from the army, a job he told everyone he loved, for nearly 2 months. His parents had not been informed of his absence. Dave had won an award for his dedication to his training. So many things will remain unexplained in this world, in my mind.

Please take a moment to read this article: http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=3882

Please take a moment to question the world we live in every day, do not believe every word you hear or read, vote, be critical of beauracracy and your beliefs, breathe fresh air, live and learn. Thankyou.

One thought on “Families of Suicide Soldiers Seek Compo

  1. no one should have to go through what dave, his family and friends did. the australian army is suppose to protect us “australians” from harm, but from so many stories i have been told. all it is doing is detroying the confidence and lives of young men and women.Out of the 12 people that graduated with dave in june 2003. three men whom 2 recieved awards, died of preventable deaths (drugs and suicide). These young adults are being bullied into early graves… It MUST stop.Mrs Hayward has show great courage for speaking out against the Australian army, and i hope it will give others the courage to speak out and make our defence force responsible for changing they way things are now, because its not working.. people are still suffering and dying when they have not even seen Any combat.

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