Name Tag Party!

Whats the idea behind this? Well – apparently you where supposed to wear a nametag, but we didn’t know about it – so we just let them write on our arms. it was the first party organised in the residence ‘party room’ (Read basement)Highlight of the party: one of the biggest beer bongs I have ever seen!?

Not only did they have this beerigation system hooked up with taps and all, but they also had suck the duck – a giant duck with a hose coming out its arse and a funnel in its beak.

Rumour has it that a chap by the name of ‘Frank the Tank’ sucked the duck once too much and woke up in the morning with no teeth. Yep – it was a very very messy party. Thankfully I left at about 2am before it got too bad because I was still recovering from the night before!

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