Subject 1: Power, Knowledge & Postmodernity

I promised a post on my subjects, and whilst it is not a usually entertaining topic, its probably going to be a future source of aggravation (I imagine somewhere in the league of groin tinea) so to justify my future complaining, whining and soul searching heres the low-down:

They mentioned philosophy somewhere in the subject outline and so it kind of tied in with my other subjects. It is a split lecture system and the 2 lecturers spent the first lecture telling us how good the other was.

The main lecturer was very passionate, a great speaker, clearly a feminist and so enthusiastic about the class she forget to mention what the point of it was. Has anyone ever gotten a subject outline that didn’t mention the goals or objectives of the class? If yes, are you also an arts student? I’d like to know what they are trying to achieve. Bonus is we get to read Nietzsche.

More raving later. We spent the second class discussing what the moral of the story was to Adam & Eve being evicted from Eden. Come on people, what was the name of the apple tree? I expect to see lots of comments on this, and I promise I’ll plagerize them in my first Essay. One thign I did learn is that arts students seem to be very very judgemental, they have a category for everyone! Post-modernists, neo-socialists, pre-modernists, social socialists, fascists democratics even! WTF?

To come: Intro to practical Logic 100 and Philosophy!

6 thoughts on “Subject 1: Power, Knowledge & Postmodernity

  1. You do realise that you have actually done what you said art students like to do, categorise everyone…well guess what you just categorised free thinkin human beings who decide to study a variety of subjects rather than a narrow one dimensional career as ‘arts students’…so maybe your not all that far removed from them as ya think.

  2. Ok first things thirst, I’m still hungover. However due to the nature of the net we are now all going to be subject to those word authorising things to stop spammers like mr anonymous above. Secondly, I’d be honoured if Mr Muldoon Snr was to post a POV on my site. On my return to the land of sun & surf I’ll be sure to put my studies to good use over a beer. I do reccommend philosophy to anyone as a subject, not sure about P,K & PM though. Thirdly, Big shout out to my Sis, good to see she is checking up on her lil bro. Yes, I second her POV on me and Ani Di Franco, but that kind of means she’s wrong, cause I’m not taking a different POV and this is where I love to be in the world, right and wrong at the same time. Just like Adam & Eve.

  3. Every time I think of the Adam & Eve story I think of this song by Ani Di Franco: may or may not be innerested in the lyrics. I especially like the lines:I did not design this game, I did not name the stakesI just happen to like applesAnd I am not afraid of snakes.I guess you could categorise (if you were a judgemental Arts student, like you say) Ani as a feminist. Or you could just see her as she sees herself – an ordinary broad singin’ about what she sees. More of her lyrics:I just write aboutwhat I should have doneI just singwhat I wish I could sayand hope somewheresome woman hears my musicand it helps her through her day.Anyways… I digress! Just thought you might be innerested, being the (dare I say it) sensitive new aged guy that you are!To NJM (above comment). It appears you know Damian quite well! <>If you want to stir shit up and take a different pov you have to back it up with some reasoning.<>It goes without saying that he will want to stir shit up and take a diff POV! 🙂I think his true purpose on this planet is to do so!Laters D PS – the blog is a very cool idea (you geek!).Oops, this comment is a bit long (and I’m makin’ it longer…). Are there any rules about length, cause you know how I have that problem with verbal diarrhoea!

  4. have a chat to my old man, he is damn keen on these philo subjects. the main thing to remember is if you want to stir shit up and take a different pov you have to back it up with some reasoning. enjoy.

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