I feel a bit geeky doing all this computer stuff, but I love it! I wish I could take some computer classes when I get back home, but unlike here where you can change and chop your courses and majors as much as you want, provided you keep paying those tuition fees, its back to the academic factory that is UTS and most Australian uni’s!

Follow the link above or click on the Flickr flashy doodah on the right and check out the best pics I have to offer of the trip so far! Nearly over my limit already, so I feel Nicks pain!

Also check out the new link to Shuji’s page which operates like a notice board, you have to log in to post but its good to know he is living it up business class despite the flooding problems!

9 thoughts on “Photos!

  1. At a special request (ie rhian bugged me) i was asked to comment on your reference to the good old family debate. You’re lucky that your family is sooo damn nutso cause when people meet us individually we seem a)relatively normal, b) at least semi cool – although not too sure bout dad! But when they get the distinct pleasure of engaging in one of our family debates they realise just how special we are *containing my laughter*. Also if you can’t manage to be ‘cool’ whilst in a country that gets to at least -40 on numerous occassions then you have a serious problem and should seek professional help…the bottom of a bundy bottle does not count. So whilst we’ll avoid a family affair we will not endeavour to avoid it completely and due to the temperate zone your in you should still manage the coolness,seriously leave it a couple more months and ya’ll be freezin those heffalumpa feet off.

  2. nah its the guy right of you isnt it?the guy with the mo looks like rod marsh.If i had posted an anonymous nobody would of knew who i was.yeah everything is adequate in the west. Weather is a bit melbournish, but hopefully it will warm up soon! I knew a person from canada, kirsten mcdonald, met her?

  3. Comment away – the more the better just dont turn it into a family affairs board, please! I’m trying to be cool! 😛I’ll come up with the hot hockey player pics just as soon as I find a female team. Actually may have to go do some study now or buy some text books. Check the pics of the foam party in about 15 minutes!

  4. Hi all!*waves to Beth and Bryan**hugs Mum and Dad* (I’m assumin’ you guys are the ones who wrote the comment about inheritance/Ski holiday)*pokes tongue out at Melz* I don’t know if you intended this as a discussion site Damian (too bad if you didn’t, cause that’s what it’s turnin’ into) but here goes!FYI – if ya’all select <>Other<> in the <>Choose an Identity<> section, the program asks for your name and you can add it rather than appearing as <>Anonymous<>You don’t need to type anything in the webpage line.Bryan, how’s things? Can’t believe you didn’t pick Dad out from the crowd! 🙂 It’s so easy… just look for the Freddy Mercury tryhard, or should I say Glenn Hughes from the Village People (thank god he’s not in THAT outfit, eh Mum? Ugh!)Or if you’re a cricket fan, he looks a little like Boonie!Speakin’ of cricket, Oz is gonna lose the Ashes. England’s score is currently 6/186 on the last day (11:20pm AEST). You may not wanna return to England for a little while M&D. You could be mobbed as soon as you opened your mouth!And on that note… goodnight.Oh, and Damian – Melz wants plenty of pics of hot hockey players doin’ their thing on the ice. Me, I’d settle for pics of moose! (Is their a plural for moose? Anyone?)

  5. Damo, you’ve already spent your inheritance (Greece, Indo, PNG, UK, Canada – shall I go on?).The rest is mine! All mine! I am invincible!

  6. Your Uncle, Bryan, is the one with the Moustache! You should not need to setup a profile to post on the website although it does help everybody know who you are. However if you do not setup a profile you will obviously have to post as anonymous and simple put your name at the end. Hope your all well over in the West. I have better photos of my old man but I’m holding them in reserve (read extortion) to ensure that I get an inheritance.

  7. oiWe had a family argument, is peter the member right of you in the cricket team group phonto, or the guy in the front row with the moustache. I said the guy on the right. Jim and karen said muustache.I cant believe i has to set up a website to put messages on yours.

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