The Real O-Week

Well, the real O-week began here on Tuesday, the same day as classes. It comes complete with beer tents, games, concerts, magicians, cheerleaders throwing people in the air, loud music and karoke in Lazy Owl uni bar till late.

Needless to say, for a tuesday it was a late one, making it four of five late ones in a row! My attempts to sneak one of my underage room mates into the lazy owl was succesful for all of 5 minutes! I think the security guard new I was dodgy.

We also had an exchange student reception, which included free pizza (of course), and a speed meeting session which was interesting. So all up, it has been an action packed week already and its only wednesday!

3 thoughts on “The Real O-Week

  1. Yes, thats Coors light beer, as in 4.5% compared to 5%. I believe we drink 5.5% at home? I did take the liberty of pointing out to many Canadians that drinking light beer was a fast route to social barring in Australia, but they seem to prefer taste to social standing!

  2. It’d better not be! Unless it’s light as in low fat but full alcohol. Not that the alcohol content is that good in that part of the world anyway…I know that they pull that trick in the USA (the low fat beer thing) but I hope our sister Commonwealth nation hasn’t stooped quite so low…

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